Toni Barista
corporate design and packaging

Toni Barista is an exclusive coffee brand. Instead of consuming a "coffee to go" its preparation should be celebrated – thus its indulgence may return into daily lifestyle. In this way coffee becomes part of decelerated world. It is the aim of the brand to make people familiar with the various aspects of coffee consumption.

Small brands have flooded the market. The biggest challenge is to point out the characteristics of one’s own product and to place it on the market adequately. Fair traded coffee from a local coffee roaster has its price. The product itself as well as its reception in public have to take this fact into consideration.

The brand itself opposes the trend towards constantly reduced and geometrical concepted brand designs. A playful typography conveys easiness and fun. Striking sticker – in luminous colour – differentiate the various coffee types. The label does not solely convey the most important product features. Besides the packing further information concerning the coffee world are hidden in the leaflet. 

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