Stiftung Zollverein
Corporate Design

With the progressive changes on Zollverein the tasks and objectives of the foundation have grown. By working with many different service providers, both the equipment as well as the media for advertising have developed in a very different and "colorful" way.

For a uniform appearance, which is fair for a world heritage site, it was important to keep both the equipment as well as media for external communications (event posters, programs, etc.) together in a unified design concept. The aim was to present the Foundation "Ruhr Museum" and the orientation system on the premises in a homogeneous appearance.

Elements of the orientation system find their way into the office equipment. The often underestimated size of the site is described the plan of the site on the back of business cards and letterhead and gives the opportunity to situate their own work. 

The typography is carefully designed in form of the shapes of the striking architecture. Due to the withdrawal of color and the strong use of black, the topic coal is staged. The complex manual is a useful guide for working with various external service providers.

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