Pixel facade for Cologne
Light installation

From January 2021 to June 2022, we used the vacant high-rise building of Proximus Real Estate AG on Friesenplatz in Cologne to visually convey values such as cohesion, a sense of community, appreciation, tolerance and peace in a time of crisis. With a great response in the press and social networks, the facade of the building was thematically illuminated in four different actions.

- 2 tons of cables and lights
- 306 windows
- 245 sqm cardboard
- over 200 working hours
- 30 rolls of adhesive tape
- 10 floors
- no heating
- NO LIFT ;)


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film | Making of light installation
Pixelfassade Friesenplatz am Tag
Pixelfassade Friesenplatz in der Nacht
installation | Positive sign during Corona pandemic
installation | Friesenplatz becomes Peace Square
installation | For the class preservation of 1. FC Köln
installation | Our sign for diversity, tolerance – against stigmatization and exclusion!