phaedra Restaurant
corporate and interior design

The Phaedra is a first class restaurant in the south of Cologne. In its first year it already achieved 14 Gault Millau points and a Guide Michelin. Quality and freshness of his mediterranean food are in the focus of the owner and master chef Kosta Tzikas.

The corporate design we developed picks up these characteristics. The classical word mark with its striking verticals and the partial use of gold in a few specific details underline the quality of the offered food.

At the same time the appearance gets a fresh and mediterranean look through the geometric typography, pigmented herbs and colouredness. Typographic Details like a cautious waveline indicate the greek ocean in a subtle way.

Next to the analog and digital branding we also designed the ex- and interior of the restaurant. The massive use of the colour oceanblue and a wall covering illuminated shelve make a strong and visually striking statement that can already be seen from the outside. The intentionally blackened ceiling opens up the room and the pointing powerful light above the tables stages the work of Kosta and his team: the food!

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film | a visit to the restaurant by our team
lighting concept
interior design | cold/warm contrast stages the main colour of ocean blue
interior design | before and after
blind embossing on beer coaster carton
business card | blind embossing on heavy beer coaster stock