City-SUV 3008 introduction

The Peugeot 3008 is a city SUV – the strongest growing sector on the german automobile market.

As an adequate format aiming at the pool of interested people we have invented the "Peugeot Adventure Movie Nights" and used them to introduce the new vehicle nationwide as pop-up event in the four biggest cities of Germany. The basic conceptional idea is an open air cinema in form of a barricade of wagons.

The automobile shows in industrial of locations have been directed at specially selected persons. They displayed the different models in the context of the adrenalin richest and most extreme film of the "Banff Outdoor Festival". 

Guerilla street promotion with battery driven beamer projections teased the event extensively in form of movie pictures. Passersbys could be registered for limited tickets with the street promoters operating i-pads.

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