Ottoman’s Kebap & Burger
gastronomy franchise concept and design

Ottomans Kebap & Burger is the B2C franchise chain of a foods producer who is successfully on his way into the range of B2B all over Europe.

Everybody knows the classic customer experience in a döner shop: neon light, low attendance profile, varying product quality, standard packaging and the smell of grease "to go".

Following an extensive market research analysis and in close contact with our client we developed a completely new customer experience in our intensive workshops.

"Nomen est omen." The name arouses sympathetic feelings and guarantees immediate recognition. Oriental looking patterns from fast food illustrations enhance kind and origin of the foods. The typography arranged in the room conveys the key message of the restaurant concept.

The franchise concept has been documented in an organizer that includes every tiny detail – from the corporate design to the wording of the staff.

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Alt-Title (Ausgabe in Projektdetail)
word-/figurative mark | mascot
exterior design
interior design | the core values are displayed on a wall in store
interior design | team in their individual clothing
corporate design | connected screens allow easy updates across all stores
corporate design | oriental patterns made from illustrations of fast food elements
illustration | pictograms
design manual | free space around the word-/figurative mark
design manual | word-/figurative mark usage