Licht Kunst Licht
book series

Licht Kunst Licht is located in Bonn, Berlin and Barcelona and is one of the leading offices of daylight and artificial light planning in the world. They have completed over 800 projects home and abroad.

In close cooperation with the client we have developed a book series for their target group of architects. In the meantime, the fifth edition has been published.

By the application of luminous paints, laser cutting and varnishing we take light as our theme. The photo concept developed by us shows the achievements of the office in a clear way. We intentionally oppose illuminated and non-illuminated photos of the architecture.

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book series | volume 1 to 4
book series | Title with laser-cut design grid of the inside pages
book series | luminous ink of the inside page reflects through the laser die cut
book series | intentional confrontation of daylight and artificial light situations
book series | intentional confrontation of day and night situations
book series | list of awards
book series | light reflections by varnish on ultra matte paper
book series | technical drawings display the engineering