Run Happy Tour

The tour is a kind of flash-mob travelling through Germany, Austria and Switzerland – initiated by the agency Rad Comm.

If the prophet does not come to the mountain, the mountain has to come to the prophet – a truck converted to a showroom travels through the countries as a running shoe testcenter freely according to this motto.

The appearance we conceived and designed deliberately picks up on street art and graffiti elements. These are used flexibly on analogue and digital media as well as in the space with a high recognition value.

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corporate design
word-/figurative mark
corporate design | event furniture branding and sticker for guerilla marketing
interior design | truck converted to a running shoe showroom and stage
interior design | running shoe showroom and rental
interior design | running shoe showroom and rental
impressions | event and crew fotos
textiles | t-shirt as give-away
film | trailer for the event