We are specialized in not being specialized. Individual flexible design systems are our answer to the cross-media requirements of the disruptive age. Our open structure around a fixed core changes with the tasks and challenges. We are big enough to solve complex communication design tasks – small enough to be flexible and adaptive.

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studio polylog is an environmentally aware company and follows these 10 principles:

  1. We prefer video conferencing instead of travelling.
  2. We print our own business material on eco friendly paper.
  3. We work with suppliers of print services which can demonstrate an environmental policy.
  4. We show our clients the most environmentally based solution to any design problem.
  5. We support and work free of charge for the association of sustainable energy production EGL Energie-Genossenschaft Bergisches Land.
  6. We constantly optimize our office energy efficiency.
  7. We produce as little office waste as possible and our waste is being sorted as well as recycled.
  8. Our electricity comes from a sustainable energy cooperative.
  9. We collect rainwater for watering our office garden.
  10. And – last but not least – we go to the office by bike or public transportation unless it is unavoidable for transportation.
    Convince yourself by having a look at the cycling CEO on Google Street View:
    streetview link
studio polylog Team vor dem Eingang zum Loft  im Vorgarten

Team in our front garden | front

Team studio polyog im Vorgarten seitlich

Team in our front garden | side

Team studio polyog im Vorgarten

Team in our front garden | back

same same but different